portraitToday’s Design Master Leala Dymond introduces her award-winning Bungy Sofa to the Futon Company’s hand-picked range.  The design was awarded the 100% Design Award as Part 2 of New Designers in 2013.  Her sofa was also exhibited at last year’s 100% Design during the London Design Festival as well as being featured on style site

Leala is a self employed designer, who specialies in upholstery.

What inspired you to become a furniture designer?

It was all triggered during my traditional and modern upholstery course, which led me onto a degree in contemporary furniture design.  Being very creative and hands on, this career proved to be perfect for me.


What do you love about being a designer?

What I love about furniture design is the combination of creativity and it being useful.  Also the vastness of possibilities in this subject are very appealing to me, because you learn something new all the time. The fact is, furniture has such a big place in our lives; we live with it every day but more often than not we can take it for granted.

Tell us about your Design Masters product for Futon Company

The Bungy sofa was inspired by a simple observation: everyone likes to get comfortable in different ways. That is how I developed this unusual upholstery, using elasticated cord to make interaction with the sofa possible. The elasticated cord is an integral part of the upholstery and allows the user to tuck scatter cushions underneath them to create his/her personal comfort space, without the cushions sliding out. It also proves itself useful for other functions, such as for keeping the remote control safe or magazines.

I designed this sofa in a small size (1m50 long) so it is not as hefty as a traditional sofa.  Small spaces are becoming more and more frequent and this model is portable and can easily find its place in a small space. Also, the back of it has a beautiful detail, so this one does not need to be placed against the wall.

The Bungy is available in black walnut, and European oak, and will soon be available in beech. It  is made to order so there also is a choice of different designer guild fabrics and elasticated cord for the upholstery.

Anything else in the pipeline?

I am currently designing a Bungy range, including an ottoman. I’m also working on some other products which are completely different but still with a twist, including a stool and sofa bed.

When designing for a small space how do you approach it?

Before designing a product I like to observe peoples habits, then I design around my observations to create a user-friendly product.

When designing for small spaces, it is usually good to make the piece transformable to give it multiple uses.  It needs to be easily package so you are able to clear the space when the piece is not needed any more.

Give us a space saving tip  

My tip would be to try and use areas which are usually unused, like for example corners.

Tell us what are your thoughts on sofabeds

I think sofa beds are a must have in small living spaces because they prove to be very useful for last minute sleepovers.

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