Kitchen multitaskers

Great blog alert! Now that Christmas is done and dusted it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to all things healthy – exercise, lots of sleep and nutritious food. What’s more, with the weather less than ideal it’s likely that we’ll spend more time than ever indoors. So when we came across the blog Expert advice: 11 tips for a tiny but efficient kitchen we were intrigued to read more – and it doesn’t disappoint.

Blogger Annie Quigley says: “To be filed under Bigger Is Not Always Better. Recently we’ve noticed a slew of tiny kitchens that are reinvigorating the concept of a kitchenette. These are design-forward, super-efficient, and not lacking in style.” Taking inspiration and guidance from New Zealand-based designer Karin Montgomery Smith, she shares top tips, and we select our favourites:

* Resist the urge to install an island: Instead use the dining table or attach a table lying flush against the wall and flip it out when needed.
* Build in everyday necessities, for example pullout chopping boards.
* Enlist multitaskers, for example a cooker/ microwave.
* Weed out the pantry: Challenge how much food you really need to store. Less is more.
* Make use of wall space.
* Rethink the stove top: A two-burner cooktop is all you really need to whip up a great dinner.
* Hand wash the dishes: Consider if you really need a dishwasher – they take up a lot of space!
* Find the ideal dishes but be honest about how many you need.
* Scale down the fridge: A small fridge will curb how many perishables you can buy, cutting down on food waste at the end of the week.
* Cut down on one-use appliances and just keep anything else that truly sees regular use.

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