Join the early bedtime squad!

Gone are the days of uber-late nights followed by a silly-o-clock start. When was the last time you heard someone boasting about getting five hours sleep? In contrast with days gone by, when getting by on little sleep was seen as a symbol of success, today the opposite is true. In fact, in 2019 sleep is seen as the ultimate sign of success. As Grazia magazine explains, sleep has become the ultimate status symbol, a precious commodity to be protected at all costs, against invitation, out-out nights or late-night Netflix binges. The most envy-inducing evening plans these days are bath, bed and a good book.

Touted by many influential women as the secret to their success, sleep, it seems is now being taken to a new level. Move over Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Wintour, there’s a new breed of super sleepers in town. This group is, in Grazia’s words, the 8pm Bedtime Brigade – a growing group who insist a super-early night is the key to good health, great skin and intimacy.

According to the Sleep Council, women generally go to bed earlier than men anyway, and the number nodding off between 8-9pm has increased fivefold in the past four years.

The benefits of long early sleeps are reinforced by De Neil Stanley who explains there are myriad benefits, from making you happier and healthier to reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression. Beauty sleep is real.

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