Join the Doodle Revolution


Mindfulness has been the by-word for relaxation for some time now, but it seems that when it comes to stress-busting there’s a quiet revolution taking place.

Red Magazine’s Nicola Down says, “Doodling and colouring are meditation in disguise… In France this is already a huge trend. On, eight of the ten bestsellers in the self-help section are art-therapie.”

According to Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution: Unlock The Power to Think Differently, doodling has been found to “Increase concentration, lower the heart rate, steady your breathing and give you medative-like stress relief and clarity.”

What’s more, doodling is the perfect pastime for small space living. To doodle, you simply need a pen and paper. However, if you’ve got the ‘doodle bug’ and want to take it up a notch, Futon Company has some doodle-tastic space saving furniture which will make the perfect backdrop to your new hobby…

Oak Desk

oak desk








Oak Lean-To Desk

oak lean-to desk








Peacock Cushion

peacock cushion cover








Acorn Solid Birch Sofa Bed (Single Seat)

acorn birch single seat








Authentic Tatami Mat

tatami mat