It’s A Dog’s Life!


As keen Futon Company followers will know, we’re big fans of all things pooch here at FC HQ. So much so that our company dog Jake-the-gorgeous-Westie has even given his paw-stamp-of-approval to some of our products. To honour our canine friends we even co-hosted an event with Battersea Dogs Home in September, inviting orphaned pooches into the store to try and find new homes and human parents.

We digress…anyway, reading the Sunday Times, September 2nd, we came upon this story by journalist Iram Ramzen called “be a doll and keep your pining pooch happy as you holiday” which put a massive smile on our faces!

The story goes like this: “Leaving the family dog behind is often the worst part of going on holiday.  Now there is an answer:  just turn yourself into a doll.  DogBuddy(, an online pet-sitting service, is testing a service called Woof You Were Here, in which pet owners become lookalike toys for their dogs. Two weeks after submitting photographs to a toy manufacturer, they get themselves back through the post in miniature.”  Says the article, “it comes after a survey of UK dog owners revealed that 93% worry their pooches will miss them when they go on holiday. The research suggested that three in five holidays are ruined as owners fret about their dogs.”

Futon Company says: What a fantastic idea!  All credit to Dog Buddy for coming up with this – you’d be barking mad not to try it out (sorry, couldn’t resist). Check out our dog-related goodies to show your pooch you care….


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