Is your dog a TV addict?

The Square-Eyed Dog Epidemic

Beware all dog owners – there’s a new epidemic coming to town. And it’s not pretty…

Here at Futon Company, we’ve dubbed it the ‘Square-Eyed Dog Epidemic’ while animal scientists at the University of Central Lancashire conducting research into canine behaviour have found that dogs are interested in TV!

What’s more, according to the research, their favourite soap – which holds their interest for longer than any other programme – is Coronation Street (which is apt given the local pub is called the Rovers Return!).

Malcolm Welshman, vet and author of Pets Aplenty explains the science behind doggy TV addictions and what’s really going on when your pooch watches TV…

  • When watching an HD TV, our canine friends see moving pictures. However, unlike humans, dogs see only two primary colours – yellow and blue. Everything else appears to them as a muddy yellow
  • Dogs can understand some of the things they watch on TV, says Welshman, including flying birds. What’s more, they can differentiate between humans and dogs and can even recognise different breeds of dogs, especially ones like them
  • Lots of dog owners leave the TV on when they go out to keep their pooch company. It is reported by many that dogs enjoy nature programmes with moving animals. However, Welshman offers a word of caution when it comes to doggie TV-watching: “Most TVs are placed at a comfortable level for humans. Dogs do not tend to scan upward and so do not notice TV images above them… Keep the TV on the floor or a low platform”


Futon Company says: Our dog Jake is partial to an hour or two of TV but he tends to adopt a rather human stance when he’s relaxing – lounging on a cushion so he can doze intermittently… Check out our range of low level, dog friendly TV gear. Perfectly designed with small space living in mind and ideal for our four-legged friends…

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