Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


The notion of interior design as a niche luxury for the wealthy is outdated. Today, with a plethora of advice-led interior design and how-to blogs, as well as helpful information across the internet from manufacturers, retailers and trendsetters, designing your home interior has never been more accessible.

What’s more, with inspiration at the click of a fingertip, the fusion of different cultures, colours and social norms has created an interiors explosion of creativity, re-defining what it means for a home to be ‘interior designed.’ With space at a premium in the UK and the average footprint of a new build decreasing, small space living is on the up, so blogs dedicated to this subject are increasingly relevant.

Here at Futon Company we like’s Living With Style blog. Focusing on two beautiful apartments, each less than 50 square metres, the blog offers inspiring interior design ideas.

For Futon Company’s ideas to complement small space living, check these products out…

Oak Dressing Mirror









Narrow Oak Ladder Shelf









Oak Storage Mirror









Medium Bathroom Cabinet