Inspiring and fantastical ideas on uses for the spare room

Houzz contributor Charmean Niethart tackles what is described as a ‘champagne problem’, offering inspiring and fantastical ideas on uses for the spare room. Charmean says ‘While most of us are trying to find space in our homes, there are some that have the fortunate problem of having a spare room… There’s no need to be practical or stay inside the lines. Why not indulge a hobby or create a retreat of your own?’ Ideas include…

• Contemplation room. ‘This is a private place for clearing your head or thinking things through. It’s best to keep it free of clutter and technology. I suggest comfortable seating that takes advantage of any available view.’

• Sleeping room. ‘As I get older I have really come to enjoy a nap on the weekends, so a sleeping room would be high on my list. No phones, no TV, no reason for anyone else to disturb your sleep.’

• Spa. ‘C’mon, how great would this be? No need to drive to the spa; have a professional come to your very own spa room for a massage or facial.’

• Morning Room. ‘This is a room for your favorite morning routine, whether that’s a cup of tea, stretching, praying or meditating. The furnishings can be as simple as floor cushions and throw pillows. Include light-controlled windows for bright sunshine or shade, depending on your mood.’

• Studio. ‘An art studio need not be large, just full of great natural light. Arrange a comfortable chair with easels close to a window. Consider neutral colors for walls and floor coverings. Include a space to store supplies and a sink for cleanup if possible.’

• Reading room. ‘Are you a serious bookworm? Is your idea of a guilty pleasure to sneak away and read the latest bestseller? Arrange your reading room by genre and include the biggest and most comfortable seating possible. Plan for surface and wall lighting, as well as overhead lighting, so you can read any time of day or night.’

• Private bar. ‘How about a closet or room where you can serve up drinks like the pros? Ideally a bar would have a small sink and refrigerator or ice maker. Close off the space with doors that make it disappear when not in use.’

• Music room. ‘If you are a musician or have budding musicians in the house, you know about the speakers, amplifiers, instrument stands and sheet music that accumulate. What a treat to have a dedicated room for this. Include a rug, window treatments and any type of upholstered furniture to help with sound buffering.’

• Fun zone. ‘Sometimes it’s just easier to surrender to the toys. I know many families that have made peace with the idea of giving up one room to keep toys contained versus having them all over the house. A fun zone/toy room can easily be reclaimed for another use when the children are grown.’

• Coffee room. ‘If you have serious coffee drinkers in the house, you might want to consider a coffee room. An oversize closet or old pantry would work great as a coffee space. You just need enough space for a coffee maker, storage and ideally a water source. An added bonus would be a small refrigerator for creamer and milk.’
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Futon company says: We love the idea that one room in the home can potentially have so many uses. Innovative! We realise that these are probably fantasy or fiction for most of us but there’s no harm in dreaming. And what’s to say we can’t use our spare room as a home office, a coffee room and a contemplation room anyway? It’s all about using your imagination and finding smart solutions for the space in your home.

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