Human Hibernation

With the festivities well and truly over, now’s the time to take action (or inaction if we’re being really honest), and turn your attention to the next best thing – human hibernation! What with Dry January, Veganuary and money too tight to mention, this is traditionally the month where restriction becomes an art form. With human hibernation the opposite is true – the more sleep you get, the better!

So don’t despair at the long, dark days, the restricted calories or the distinct lack of pennies. Instead, revel in the relief that this is the time to stock up on your sleep in preparation for spring. We officially declare January the month of human hibernation!

And if you need a helping hand, check out Dr Nerina Rumlakha’s ‘Five Steps to Clean Sleep’ featured in Elle Decoration (November 2017)

-Make your bedroom a haven and remove any clutter
-Don’t commute on an empty stomach – it uses ‘adrenaline energy’, a cause of shallow sleep
-Think before you drink. Caffeine sipped at 5pm will still be in your system at 10pm
-Have four early nights a week – sleep in the pre-midnight hours is deeply restorative
-Banish your phone from the bedroom. Using it stimulates the brain and keeps you awake

Happy human hibernation!

Platform Kingsize Bed









Quilted Wave Bedspread








Deep Fleece Cushion Cover (Wild Dove Grey)








Deep Fleece Bathrobe with Hood (Sauterne)