How to make more space – the definitive guide

Regular readers of Futon Company blogs and social media posts will be well aware of our adoration for Japanese organizing consultant and author, Marie Kondo.  We’ve regularly posted about her inspiring, transformational books and top tips for tackling clutter.

What’s more, as advocates of space saving living we are always on the look out for ways to maximise our space. are New York based storage experts who “will find the right space that fits your needs.”  We recently came across them and their blogs and were inspired by their decluttering, decision-making flowchart.  Here’s how it works…


Futon Company says:  This is a practical and innovative way to help you make decisions about decluttering your home as well as making the most of your space.  It takes the emotion out of decluttering as well as offering easy-to-action solutions and next steps.  As experts in small space living we are definitely converts and big fans of!