If you are planning to redecorate and brighten up your living room, bedroom or any spaces within your house, but have limited budget, then throw cushions might be your answer says Great Stuff on HubPages. Throw cushions, sometimes called throw pillows or scatter pillows, if used properly, can help coordinate the design elements in your room. It will also add the continuity in your color, texture and design scheme. But best of all, they are versatile and inexpensive. How you decorate with throw cushions, depends on the style of your room.

Check Your Interior Design Style – Your interior design style can be a Classical, Contemporary, Retro, Asian, Mediterranean, Ethnic or English Country style. Choose a cushion design that matches your existing style. Let’s say yours is a contemporary design style. I guess you can define contemporary design as a style that is current or happening today. Therefore, if you are planning to do a contemporary design style, look at local magazines, expensive designer shops or product brochures. These will give you some ideas of what are current, trendy and contemporary, in your area. Look at your existing furniture and colour scheme and decide which style it belongs to. Buy throw cushions that reflect this.

Throw Cushions Come in Many Designs – Throw pillows or cushions are available in various styles, shapes and colors. You will also find them in various fabrics, from simple to luxurious materials. Some may even be adorned with sequins, embroidery and other trimmings. Choose those that will blend well with your existing furniture and by the style of your room. Some of these throw pillows are made to be more functional rather than decorative. The cover can be unzipped and removed for washing. These are usually in durable cotton, so that you can wash them in the washing machine and not dry clean. They are no less attractive as the luxurious cushions that use silk, wool or velvet.

Cushion Fabric – As described earlier, fabrics for throw pillows can be from the most humble cotton to the most expensive silk, brocade or wool to designer fabrics. When you choose the fabric, remember for what and where you will be using it. If it is in the living room, you may want to go for the formal silk or velvet. If it is for the kid’s room, then a child-friendly material such as the durable cotton will be easier to manage and wash.

Futon Company says:  If you’re redecorating and looking for ways to introduce vibrancy, bold prints and texture but are scared of making an expensive mistake, a cushion could be the answer.  They’re light, portable, multi-functional and can be moved from room to room, inside to outside with minimal fuss.

We love the Heron Graffiti cushion and Embroidered Battersea Power Station cushions from our current range.

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