Hosting Guests in a Small Space

The Bank Holiday weekend is almost here, and given it’s the last one before Christmas, we really should make it a good one!

With a three-day weekend there’s plenty of opportunity for a sleepover. But what if your space is more pocket pad than palatial? Fear not, Apartment Therapy has just the thing to solve your small space dilemmas…

Their blog ‘Our Best Advice for Hosting Guests in Your Living Room‘ is full of practical tips for hosting guests in a small space. Here’s a snapshot…

They say, “Just because [guests] can’t go into their own room and shut the door doesn’t mean you can’t make them (almost) as comfortable as if they’d sprung for a hotel.”

-Test out the guest space before they arrive: put yourself in their shoes. Maybe it’ll inspire you to upgrade the air mattress. Nothing is more powerful than walking a mile in another man’s shoes (or sleeping in their bed!)
-Provide a lamp: this creates atmosphere and ambience and is a nice touch that provides some home comforts
-Provide proper bedding: although the sleeping space may be cramped, proper pillows and cosy blankets can more than compensate for a cramped corner
-Provide a spot for their luggage: clear an out-of-the-way area or maybe even a drawer for them to unpack their stuff. If space is super tight consider offering a wall hook for hanging clothes
-Anticipate their other needs too: write down the wifi password, show them where to charge their phone or how to find the kettle

Futon Company says: We love this blog post. It shows that when it comes to hosting guests, size really doesn’t matter – it’s the small touches and little gestures that count. When space is limited, it’s the small space saviours that make all the difference. Provide a small mirror, a bathrobe, a towel and a space for their laptop and you’re sure to gain the reputation as the best host in town!


Pauline Table









Laptop Table









Flex Mirror









Oak 3 Hook Rail










Deep Fleece Bathrobe With Hood