Home From Home Staycation

We don’t want to jinx it, but the weather has been so gorgeous for such a long time there’s nowhere else we’d rather be! Which brings us onto the subject of holidays… Staycation anyone? What about a home from home staycation where you hang about your house but use the time to do something productive?

If that sounds appealing, we can thoroughly recommend the blog ‘Your Weekend Project: Make the Spare Room Guest Ready’
It might be written for those living in a spacious home with a room and bathroom dedicated to guests, but it doesn’t mean those of us with smaller spaces can’t steal a tip or two! Here’s a snapshot of some of those handy hints that appealed to us:

• Have a clear out. Think about clearing the clutter and investing in some under bed storage.
• Add layers to the bed. Think throws and blankets.
• Don’t forget the bathroom. Set aside fresh towels, a bathrobe and a fresh bar of soap for your guests.
• Try it out. Once it’s in tip top shape spend a night in your guest room for the ultimate home from home staycation.


Loire Basket (great for under the bed)


Quilted Chambray Bedspread (a nice cosy layer)


Bamboo Alpha Basket Rack (a perfect guest station for the bathroom)