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Heart of the home: 5 kitchen diner trends you need to know

Traditionally, spring is the time of year when many homeowners start to think about renovating their properties, and not surprisingly, a kitchen refurb is one of the most sought-after changes.

When it comes to the kitchen, there has been a huge shift in how we use our space. Kitchen diners have soared in popularity over the decades, seeing a more sociable, open-plan layout rather than separate rooms for cooking, eating and entertaining. Shrinking square footage is another reason for merging living spaces, offering a highly practical and effective solution.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen revamp and looking to create the perfect social hub in your home, here are the latest kitchen diner trends and how to adapt them for small space living:

Social kitchen islands
Kitchen islands are one of the interior design features that can help sell your home and are considered a worthwhile investment. But for 2023, they are becoming more flexible and bespoke – think freestanding furniture! Compact and functional, our Counta high console table and diner table can sit along the wall or take centre stage in the kitchen. What’s more, both have handy, undershelf storage, designed for those days when the breakfast table needs a rapid transformation into a workstation.

The pantry
Move over utility room – the pantry is the new must-have in the kitchen. Whether you have a dedicated walk-in larder or a large cupboard, storage for all your food, drinks, crockery and other cooking essentials is top of the list for 2023. Even if you’re tight on space, this nifty compact ladder shelf can be tucked away somewhere to house a multitude of items overflown from the kitchen cabinets.

Smart storage
In a time when we strive to declutter for our overall well-being, storage is king in current kitchen trends. Our Fleet storage column is the ultimate in sublime, skinny storage. Made in bamboo and white MDF with two wire shelves, this support system for clutter is a serious style staple.

Don’t forget, using spare wall space is another option to consider. A small piece with maximum impact, this deep picture rail can hold all sorts of kitchen items – from mugs and utensils to oils and vinegars. And that’s not it, its stainless steel hanging rail can also be used for tea towels and oven gloves so everything is in one place.

Banquette seating
Create a compact eating zone with banquette seating, which cleverly doubles up as storage. Place a few of these oak stacking cubes together against a corner nook, throw on some cushions and there you have it, instant bench seating.

Folding chairs and bar stools are also ideal as they can be put away easily. But if space is at a premium, a folding table is exactly what you need. For instance, our Bordeaux table stores its own chairs when not in use – while doubling up as a dandy dining table or handy console.

Make your kitchen shine
Lighting is a key design element that can elevate your space without being restricted by the size of your home.

Make life that bit easier by choosing an adjustable lighting system. Spotlights work for an area as a whole, but try adding more intimate lighting with pendants – which can be raised or lowered allowing you to adjust the sight lines. Lastly, use table and floor lamps to help zone your space – flexibility is crucial when it comes to lighting.

Are you taking the plunge this year and planning a kitchen refurb? For more inspo, visit us in-store or online.