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Now that 2019 has arrived it’s only natural for our thoughts to turn to the future. What does the New Year have in store? Will this be the year I get a new job? Should I move house? On a larger scale it’s a time for thinking about trends – those both in and out of the home.

One trend that looks set to continue for 2019 and beyond is the number of people working from home. According to TUC estimates, the number of home workers has increased by a fifth in the past 10 years and now stands at around 1.5 million people. Meanwhile, Upwork predict that 38% of their full-time permanent staff will work remotely within the next ten years.

A combination of flexible working practices to attract top talent to their businesses, rising rental costs for offices and better technology means that working from home continues to be increasingly attractive to both employees and employers.

Research from found that remote workers regard themselves as more productive than their office-based colleagues, while more than half of workers surveyed by PowWowNow said that working away from the office would improve their motivation.

Futon Company says: ‘Working from home’ can apply to lots of different scenarios and tasks including office work, hobbies, student studies, paying the bills, children’s arts and crafts time and reading. In a small space, finding a place that’s specifically for work can be a challenge, but with the right furniture and accessories it is possible. A desk with a small foot print can help to maximise the space available, while storage is key to making it workable.  Introduce task lighting and consider stylish desk accessories that will make a feature of your work space.


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