Grand Designs For Small Spaces

As we’re always saying here at Futon Company, small can be beautiful, stylish, savvy and practical. It’s not the size of your space but how you use it that’s important!

And, it seems, we’re not alone in our thinking. 7 tips for designing a small living space, with Homepolish is a Blog we recently came across, and as well as loving the visuals, we felt inspired by some of their ideas and tips written by the Parachute team. These are our favourites:

* Designate functional areas: consider how you will use the space and give different purpose to different parts of the room, for example carving a living room, office nook and dining area from one open space – in this case choosing the right rugs
* Invest in a shallow depth sofa: Deep sofas can eat into room space so go for a piece that has shallow depth and which is timeless. As the Parachute team reflect, “[a sofa] is a smart, long term design choice, regardless of spatial limitations”
* Optimise vertical space: “The eye has to travel but a small space doesn’t give it far to go, right? Wrong. Tricking the eye to move up and around is one of the oldest secrets.” Tricks for doing this include creating a gallery wall and adding floating shelves
* Play with proportion: “If everything in your tiny home is filled with tiny furniture, it’ll look like a doll’s house. So don’t be afraid to scale.” Mix bigger and smaller pieces, and combine new and vintage pieces for a characterful and personalised aesthetic.
* Table: “Unless you’re planning a full sit down meal every night you probably don’t need a full size kitchen table, so opt for a bistro table instead”

Futon Company says: It’s easy to make a big impact in a small space if you plan your room according to your living requirements and only invest in furniture and accessories that enhance your needs.


Bordeaux Folding Table

Oak Folding Chair

Vienna – 3 seater