Go green inside your space

It’s official – we’re totes over COVID-19/ uncertainty. It’s SO dull. So when we came across this brilliant blog 11 Ingenious Ways Houseplants Can Make a Room Look Bigger it filled our hearts with joy!

The basic premise of the article, written by blogger Michelle Slatalla, is that houseplants may be the single, most important element of interior design: when deployed effectively, they can add depth, height, and airiness to any room. More importantly right now, when we’re spending so much time inside we need anything we can to make us feel happy in our homes. These are some of the ingenious ways she says that houseplants can make any room look bigger (especially important at the moment):

• Repeat a theme: for example, a leafy wall sculpture and a leafy houseplant can work in tandem to focus attention on the view beyond the window.
• Add height: When chairs go low, plants go high. The effect? Creating an instantly alluring corner.
• Slim down: A clever trick in a room with panoramic views is to choose houseplants with slender trunks and branches. You can look through them to see past to the outside space.
• Fill negative space: Empty fireplace? Fill it with a plant.
• Light up the shadows: Brighten up a dark space or unloved window space with a wall of plants – their presence suggests sunlight even where little exists.
• Plants add colour.
• Peek out: A half-revealed plant peeking out from behind a half-wall adds depth to the space.
• Breach boundaries: No surface should be off limits to plants – let them spill over the edge of shelves.
• Create a curtain: Introducing several tall leafy plants to a space can create a partition and give a sense of different areas.

Futon Company says: The thing we love most about houseplants – real or faux – is the colour they bring to a space. Particularly important when the skies are full of rain and varying shades of grey! It’s also a well-known fact that plants can break up a space and create a sense of illusion. This is particularly important when you live in a small space or a temporary one – plants in any shape or size can make it feel like home!

Dragon Tree Faux Plant

Red Aloe Vera Faux Plant

Dracena Large Faux Pot Plant

Red Green Ti Leaf Faux Pot Plant

Calathea Faux Pot Plant