Give Your Wardrobe A Seasonal Overhaul

As we shift seamlessly into autumn it’s hard to ignore the chill in the air.  And difficult as it may be, it might be time to face facts – now’s the time to bring out your winter wardrobe.  Warm coats, woolly scarves, hat and gloves – when it comes to the cold weather being warm and toasty is the order of the day.

But if your wardrobe’s a mess and full of clutter it could be time for a closet cleanse.  If the thought of a clearout leaves you in a cold sweat, fear not – we have just the solution.  What’s more, this wardrobe whisperer comes with impeccable celebrity credentials.  According to Grazia Magazine Vicky Silverthorn, author of Start With Your Sock Drawer: The Simple Guide To Living A Less Cluttered Life has “touched more pop stars’ pants than even the most ardent groupie.”

Vicky, a professional declutterer and wardrobe whisperer claims that the simple step of reorganising your underwear will lead to a whole new and streamlined way of living.  The go-to girl for closet cleansing, Vicky takes a no-nonsense approach to the mass clearout.  Unlike Japanese declutterer Marie Kondo (a big favourite of ours here at Futon Company), Vicky “appreciates that while a black t-shirt might not inspire an outpouring of joy, it’s not practical to throw out all your basics.”  So what top tips can be gleaned from this wardrobe wonder?  Vicky says:

  • Start by reorganising your sock drawer – it’s small and achievable.  Ball your socks and tuck the tails in, arrange by colour and type and separate them into drawer dividers
  • Fold and pack away anything you don’t use every day, whether that’s seasonal clothing, festival wear or winter coats
  • You can fit three times as many clothes in your wardrobe if you use skinny hangers instead of regular ones

Futon Company says:  As experts in small space living we’re constantly monitoring the newest trends for decluttering to make the most of small spaces, and what better way to start than by having a wardrobe cull.   But there’s more to space saving living than simply having a streamlined wardrobe.  Think smart shelving, savvy storage solutions and flexible furniture.

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