Give your life a summer makeover


Your summer holiday, according to Red Magazine August 2016, is the ideal time to transform your life and make small steps towards big changes that will transform your life.  Their Sunlounger Life Reboot is, they say, the perfect alternative to New Year’s resolutions or five year plans.  What’s more, “sometimes the biggest transformations can begin with the smallest steps.”  Here’s what they say…


-Work out less but more: Working out as hard as you can for three 20-second sprints (with short breathers) is as good for your cardio health as a 45-minute workout.  That’s according to a new study from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada

-Shine at work: Forget working your way through a to-do list.  Now the smart money’s on the One Big Thing.  Says Chris Barez-Brown, author of Shine:  How To Survive and Thrive At Work, it’s easy to start your working day by replying to emails and reacting to the world around you.  Instead, focus on your main priority – your One Big Thing.  By focusing on this first you’re far less likely to get distracted, and in turn you’ll be more productive

-Paint yourself a happy home: If your home is looking a little tired, says Red, a fresh coat of paint will enliven your disposition.  What’s more, according to Joa Studholme, colour consultant for Farrow & Ball, “the right colour can make you feel warm.  A paint with red, yellow or greys in it can be comforting, nurturing and will make you more relaxed.”  She goes on to say, “never underestimate how much a colour can affect your spirit, transforming your home from a place you are in to a place you want to be in”

-Prepare your meals: According to nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, the key to a healthy diet is planning.  “Use the one hour per week of the time you usually spend on social media to plan and prep meals for the week ahead,” she says.  “Give time to yourself, rather than your smartphone”

-Take brain naps: “Do you push through tiredness on tea, chocolate and willpower,” says Red.  The solution, apparently is brain naps AKA quick meditation.  “When you’re over-stimulated, you need quick and deep ways to rest,” says Nadia Narain who teaches Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.  “For a quick brain nap breathe in for four counts, then out for four. Repeat.  Even better, do it in the shavasana yoga pose, lying on your back, legs and arms relaxed and palms up”


Futon Company says:  A sunlounger life reboot is an easy-to-action opportunity to make small changes in your life and around your home.  We’re particular fans of taking time out from our smartphones, and any activity which supports this gets our vote.  To get you started, check out our sunlounger alternatives, all perfectly designed for small space living, both inside and out…

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