Getting to the art of it

It’s getting cold outside and the days are getting shorter, which means more time spent indoors and plenty of time for nesting and making your space cosy. So as we hunker down and get set for winter we were reminded of an article we read in the May 2019 issue of Elle Decoration. Written by Francesca Gavin The Gallery is an insightful piece which says: What hangs on your walls is just as important as the colour you paint them… art curation is the next big thing in interiors. She continues: having a home with no art is like going to work naked. You could do it, but do you really want to? Art is something that gives a home identity and direction. It can help knit together furniture, colours and rooms without necessarily taking up space. It stops walls looking empty, or corporate. Art can transform a home and make you feel warm, cosy and inspired. And increasingly, interior designers and furniture brands are incorporating it centrally into what they do. Art can direct what an entire home looks like. It can be so many things – a painting, a print, a drawing, a poster, a photograph – and we’re not just talking two-dimensional. In the home, it can manifest as a sculpture, a ceramic object, a plate, a neon sign, artistic textile or a decorative mobile. It can hang on walls, rest in corners, be presented on plinths, lie on the floor or even be suspended from the ceiling. Art can transform a room that already exists, or be the starting point for something new entirely.

Futon Company says: Whether it’s a picture of your dog in a photo frame, a rug next to your bed or a vibrant cushion cover, in our opinion ‘art’ is something that brings your joy. Whether your space is positively palatial or snug and cosy, art has the ability to transform the area – perhaps your print is a bold talking point for your one-room studio, or maybe the crocheted throw on the sofa bed was made by your grandma. If you’re in a rental property and move around a lot; if you’ve just left home or are having to start again…or even if you’ve lived in the same place your whole life; having a familiar piece of art around can immediately make your space feel like home. Check out some of our home-from-home pieces that are sure to make your heart sing…

Wooden Finish Ram Head

Paradise Bird Cushion

Jute Doormat