Get your sleeping pattern back on track

Says a recent issue of Grazia magazine: Sleep? I don’t know her. Rest? Who is she? The only thing more boring than talking about your dreams these days is sharing stories in your morning Zoom meeting about how little sleep you’ve had. Everyone is tired and exhausted – yet not managing to sleep. It feels like a very 2021 conundrum needing specific advice.

Why? Well, anxiety around a worldwide pandemic, the safety of our loved ones and now, an attempted return to normal life – that’ll keep you up. We’re moving less, we’re sadder and more stressed. We’re spending more time on our phones, and possibly drinking more…. But while in the middle of the night it can seem hopeless, there’s lots that can help.

• Body: Smelling something might seem like exactly the kind of thing magazines say helps with sleep, But believe me – the converted – sleep sprays really do work…. Start the relaxation early in the evening with essential oil candles, then opt for a bubble bath – there are lots of body oils with calming sleep scents in. Then move to a sleep spray for the evening
• Mind: If a racing mind is keeping you up all night, there are lots of techniques to try, from acupressure, to kitchen disco to an episode of low-stakes TV. What works is personal (and unique to each of us), so find your mind’s happy place. And develop mindful, healthy habits… Sometimes, anxiety may also stop you from living your life to the full potential – another factor that makes sleep problems worse. Therefore, we must continue to exercise, work and have a social life in order to have something to process and recover from during the night. For a better sleeping mindset, avoid watching the news before bed, avoid working in your bedroom if possible, and tidy away your home office each night so it can be tucked away physically and mentally
• Tech: While tech can be the enemy of sleep, changing the way you use it can also help. Using the ‘do not disturb’ night-time screen option is a good start…. Also think about creating regular bedtimes and wake-ups. (In the morning) turn the lights and radio on, dance around and be loud. By doing this you are indicating to your brain that energy is required and it’s the start of a new day. You will notice your sleeping pattern becomes more regulated as you introduce more structure. Morning endorphin disco? Sign us up.

Futon Company says: As the first UK company to introduce the futon to the UK we’ve always been very sleep aware. For us, sleep is the cornerstone to everything, and having a comfy and relaxing place to hunker down at the end of the day is super-important. And that doesn’t just apply to the end of your average day. Whether you’re on a camping trip, visiting a friend for the weekend or on an at-home staycation and just fancy sleeping in a different corner of your home there’s no substitute for a great night’s sleep. And we’ve got all the kit you need to give yourself a home-from-home sleep experience to get you back on track wherever you are.

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