Focus on making the tiniest unused outdoor area into an inviting space you can enjoy all year round says Carolynn at OUTDOOR SPACES


Dealing with the tiniest spaces has its challenges…Below are a few designer tips to help you get around the area constraints of small outdoor living.

• Keep it simple…like the old saying goes, less is more! This means when designing your outdoor space make sure to maximize the useability of every square inch of your floor and wall. Do not clutter your floor with pot plant arrangements, tables, and other trinkets which can obstruct easy navigation of the space.
• If you like plants – go vertical and use the wall not the floor by setting up a vertical wall or structure to grow vines and other plants on, all without compromising the vital floor space.
• The drawcard to any outdoor space is to make it a desirable destination for you to enjoy. You already enjoy the benefits of outdoor living, but you need to add functionality as another reason to use this space.
• Comfortable seating is a major drawcard of any small outdoor space. An L-shaped built-in timber bench that hugs the edge of the wall can maximise space. [Alternatively add] some soft cushioning and outdoor blankets creates an outdoor oasis to enjoy year round.

• Using hanging lights/lanterns is another great tip for tiny spaces, whilst still creating ambience. Candle decor should also be mounted on the wall which frees up precious floor space.

• A rug on the floor makes the area more cozy without compromising vital floor space.

Futon Company says:  There are lots of ways to make the most of a small outside space this Bank Holiday.  Remember, there’s more to a garden or balcony than the floor space.  Look up and consider how you can maximise the wallspace with clever lighting and storage solutions as well as pretty greenery and foliage.  And think about accessories to inject style into your outside space, for example rugs which can be brought out for special occasions, pretty lantern lights and bird and bee houses.