Finding a Refuge Space for the Mind


Mindfulness and living-in-the-moment might be the hottest buzz-words and buzz-phrases right now, but when it comes to finding peace and quiet it seems that for some, the solution might be found a little closer to home – in the bathroom.

According to Lifestyle guru Oliver Heath in an online interview by Opinion Matters with over 4,000 Brits for DIY chain, Homebase, almost 3.7 million of us now see the bathroom as a retreat, a place to find solitude and sit quietly away from the stresses and strains of the rest of the house. Heath maintains that it’s one of the few places in the home where people can be at one with their thoughts and get some down time away from smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. And down-time, he says is key to creating a refuge space for regeneration of the mind and body.

Futon Company says: Finding a solitary space in your home is the key to relaxation. And whether your home is palatial or compact, small space living needn’t be a barrier to finding a refuge space for the mind – and the bathroom place sounds like the perfect space to start. To help you create a haven in your home check out our bathroom goodies, perfectly designed for space saving living…

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