Extra Expert Tips for Small Spaces


As experts in small space living, we love finding new inspiration and tips from expert sources.

This week we present some smart tips for space saving living, as featured in interior style staple Elle Decoration (March 2017 issue).

Architect Rodolphe Parente says:

  • Bring creativity to your home, no matter what its size – don’t think about the proportions of the space, but about the movie you want to make!
  • Include hidden details that only you know about. Lining a drawer with an opulent fabric is one way to up the luxe factor in a small space
  • Use mirrors to make the smallest home feel large and, if used well, infinite
  • Transform functional elements by making them part of the overall decor


Homeowner Robert Nicholls says:

  • Storage, storage and storage. Add under-stairs cupboards and built-in shelving units wherever you can accommodate them. Keep surfaces clear so that your home feels larger
  • Zone living areas. Use lighting or rugs to denote separate areas – it all helps to create ‘rooms’ within one big space
  • An open-plan layout creates the illusion of space
  • Use any loft/attic space available, however small, as every square inch counts in a compact home

Futon Company

Maximising the footprint available in a small space is dependent on a wide variety of factors and we wholeheartedly embrace the expert tips from Elle Decoration. We especially love the idea of ‘hidden spaces’ or, as  Rodolphe Parente calls it, “up[ping] the luxe factor” in spaces you can’t always see. Dual purpose furniture springs to mind in the quest for hidden spaces as does flexible, lightweight furniture that’s easy to move around. Bring it all together with ambient lighting and impactful accessories. After all, when it comes to the home, small most definitely is beautiful.

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