Expert Tips For Small Spaces


As experts in small space living, we’re loving Elle Decoration magazine‘s Home section dedicated to Small Spaces Big Ideas (March 2017). Embracing their ‘clever tricks for compact homes’ inspired by a range of experts, home lovers and interior buffs, we’ve selected our favourites (Part 1) and hope you feel as inspired as we do by this fabulous feature from the UK’s most inspiring home interiors magazine…

Homeowner Karine Tholstrup says:

  • Keep it sleek in the kitchen… A simple high gloss white finish reflects the light and creates a feeling of spaciousness. The clean white palette and open shelving enhances the airy aesthetic
  • Keep furniture simple… Consider every piece carefully so that you don’t overwhelm your space
  • Create a sense of luxury by combining old and new furniture and adding an abundance of velvet upholstery and guilt finishes


Architect Hannes Peer says:

  • Conceal as much as possible. Small spaces appear even smaller when everything is on show. Use a variety of concealing tricks, from hanging curtains and textiles over doorways or open shelving to using boxes and baskets to hide clutter. Furniture with built-in storage is always a worthwhile investment
  • Divide small spaces visually. Most bijou properties, like studio apartments, require some kind of partition to make them liveable. This could be as simple as a bookshelf or a folding screen
  • Create double-duty rooms. Pick your furniture carefully so that it can be used for different activities, for example a table that doubles up as a desk
  • Be flexible. “Be stubborn on vision and flexible on journey” (Noramay Cadena)… Select elements that make the most of space: from moveable pieces to sliding doors or hidden storage
  • Think tall. Consider bookcases that reach the ceiling


Futon Company says: When designing furniture for small spaces we’re always mindful of the need for flexibility, creating pieces that often have dual purposes and which, in many cases, are easy to move from room to room or corner to corner. It’s a well known phrase that ‘small is beautiful’ and, in our case, is the mantra we live by.

Oak Ladder Desk











Cache Table











Metropole Lamp










Folding Shelving Unit (3 shelves)