Expert space saving hacks for your wardrobe

New decade, new resolutions, a fresh approach to curbing clutter and wardrobe storage – it’s time to bring in the experts for some sage advice! And as luck would have it Grazia Magazine (13 January) featured an inspiring article The Big Wardrobe Workshop, jam-packed with wise words and top tips for curating and cleansing our closets. Brimming with ideas, we’ve selected our favourite tips to bring you a range of expert space saving hacks for your wardrobe – thanks Grazia, we heart you (and thanks to the experts quoted, including stylist Anna Berkeley, eco-warrior Anna Foster, fashion director Candice Fragis and brand expert Fanny Moizant)…

Closet clearing hacks
· Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe, including what’s hiding under your bed or in a chest of drawers.
· Examine each piece and sort it into various piles e.g. a) wear all the time b) haven’t worn in over two years c) no longer fits with lifestyle d) special occasion.
· For items b) and c) piles split into things to donate, things to give to friends, things to sell.
· Put everything back into your wardrobe in lifestyle sections e.g. work, weekend, gym, special occasions, holiday. You could go a step further sorting by colour type.

Smart storage hacks
· Once you’ve sorted your clothes out, focus on folding and hanging correctly to maximise the life expectancy of your garments.
· Jeans should be folded.
· Jumpers should be folded. Never hang because it will lose its shape
· Dresses should be hung. If it’s heavy it needs to be on a structured padded hanger.
· Coats should be hung full length if possible. Button everything up and make sure the lapels are flat.
· Jersey should be folded or rolled to save space.
· Trousers should be hung but not folded in half. Clip at the waist and then clip at the hem.
· Hang delicate fabrics on padded hangers and store them in dust bags
Eco hacks.
· The article offers top tips for the best resale sites and apps (especially relevant if you’re good at keeping your clothes in tip top shape). These include Depop, eBay, Vinted, Vestiaire Collective and Rebelle.
· If you’re planning to keep your clothes it’s worth investing in their maintenance. There has been a new hive of restoration services for handbags and shoes called The Restory, which operates across the UK and The Handbag Clinic.

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