Expert Lighting Tips


With Christmas long-gone and spring still a distant dream, now’s the time to bring some light into your life. Whether it’s candle-light, or lamp-light, overhead or uplighters, there’s no better time to re-think your lighting scheme and illuminate your space. While kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions are best left to the specialists, there are plenty of ways to light up your life with some simple tips. We check out what interiors writer and contributor Lara Sargent has to say…

“In your living room… Living areas are used for so many activities – reading, sitting, entertaining, eating, watching TV – so demand a more flexible lighting scheme. During the day a fresh and invigorating lighting scene is required to boost the natural light level… whereas in the evening the balance shifts and we want a more atmospheric ambience.” She suggests that rather than focusing purely on overhead ceiling lights, the key is to layer lighting “with a mix of ambient lighting for general use, task lights for focusing on work surfaces and accent lighting to enhance architectural or interior features.”

Moving on to the bedroom, she suggests that though a bedroom’s primary function is for sleeping and relaxation, there’s a practical element too – for example selecting clothes, dressing and so forth – so a combination of soft mood lighting and focused task lights for dressing tables and desks can work well together, alongside a good bedside reading light.

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