Expert Advice for Small Spaces


Metro newspaper’s new look Home section has given us some great ideas for making the most of small spaces. We especially enjoyed Sally Homan’s Q&A section called Big Plans For Small Rooms.

As an associate member of the British Institute of Interior Design and director of Robertson Lindsay Ltd, her magical solutions for modest spaces made a lot of sense to us. Here we select our favourites…

Q: How can I make a small room feel bigger?
A: Mirrors really help. If you are brave enough, why not mirror part or all of one wall? I like putting pictures at eye level or panelling on to the mirror to break it up.

Q: I’ve got a dark-coloured room and am at a loss as to how to decorate it to brighten things up. Any ideas?
A: Forget the usual advice about using white, it can be better to use dark colours to turn it into a cosy cocooning space. To light a small space, rather than putting downlighters in rows that light the floor, use tilted downlighters to light the edges of the room. Directing light on to wallpaper or paintings pushes the walls out, making it feel wider.

Q: Our bathroom is quite small. Any ideas on how to make it feel bigger?
A: Furniture that is hung on the wall or has space underneath it gives the illusion of more floor space. Look for wall-hung WCs and vanities in the bathroom.

Q: I like bold patterned wallpaper but am nervous of using it. Where should I start – or should I just give up and get some paint?
A: If you are nervous of using large bold patterns but like them, then try them in a small transient space you won’t necessarily spend a lot of time in. Large patterns are often avoided in a small space but it can give a previously ignored area a wow factor and therefore make it seem larger. It works very well in spaces that you don’t normally spend a lot of time in, such as a WC or hallway.

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