Embracing Winter Ways


New Year, new lifestyle concept. And hot on the heels of Hygge-mania (the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures like friends, family, graciousness) what better way to start the new year than with another Danish word. Brought to us by Red Magazine’s Associate Editor for Living, Pip McCormac, Pip says, “There’s [another] Danish word that doesn’t translate directly into English. Gezellig, meaning the warmth you feel when having dinner with friends, surrounded by a gentle feeling of happiness with the world that only comes from this sort of companionship.”

McCormac goes onto explain that unlike Hygge, which evokes a more generalised feeling of warmth and fuzziness, Gezellig is more specific because it has to involve food in some shape or form. Here is the cheat guide to Gezellig which includes:

  • Giving yourself permission not to be perfect… give yourself as good a time as your guests… select just a few ingredients
  • Select a few of your favourite dishes, whatever you’re craving right now, and serve in big bowls
  • Invite only your favourite friends and relish the chance for proper, honest conversation. Six people should be the maximum
  • Keep it intimate and relaxed. Turn down the lights, light the candles and relax

Futon Company says: Christmas might be over but the spirit of Gezellig remains and is an inspiring way to see us through the remaining winter nights until the dawn of spring. For us, Gezellig is all about turning the lights down, wrapping yourself in something cosy and enjoying delicious food with those closest to you. Happy January!

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