Embrace your inner animal


To be honest, today’s blog has absolutely nothing to do with small spaces. There’s a tentative link to homes, because some of us have pets that live with us, but other than that we’re just sharing this because here at Futon Company we love all animals and especially our pet cats and dogs.

Reading the Sunday Times and Sunday Times Home (February 24) we came across two articles that made us smile. The first Grumpy cat? It gets that from you says: If your cat is a nightmare, it is because you might be too. Scientists have found that felines develop personalities that closely resemble those of their owners…. Those raised by cheerful, extrovert owners were gregarious and slim. Cats are a mini-me, the article continues. They are sentient creatures strongly affected by the people around them. They are intimately bonded with their owners and they have an effect on each other.

The second article, by @Kat_Burroughs called The Edit focused on how to let sleeping dogs lie in comfort – and style. She writes: March is national bed month…. so when it comes to which bed to buy for your dog… it’s high time you pawsed for thought. The piece then features a range of weird and wonderful dog beds spanning those lined with a faux fur comforter, a fleece blanket flung on the sofa, a machine washable pet mat and a red dog pillow.

Futon Company says: We are a nation of animal lovers and at Futon Company we’re no exception. In honour of animals everywhere, check out our own range of animal-inspired goodies. It’s time to embrace your inner animal and bring it into the home.

Paradise Monkey Printed Cushion Cover

Resting Birds Print Cushion & Cover

Embroidered Beetle Cushion & Cover

Beagle Dog Door Stop