Eat up in style

If there’s one thing we’ve collectively learned about ourselves as a nation over the past few weeks, it’s that food = (almost) everything!! When your day-to-day life is diminished and you’re at home most of the time (either working/home-schooling/being furloughed/or Netflix binging) food takes on a greater role. In fact it’s importance is apparent in epic proportions – and portions (anyone else find themselves thinking about food pretty much most of the day?!!)
So in honour of fabulous food, this hardworking hero that’s getting us through the virus and nourishing our bodies and souls (literally!) we’re including excerpts from this fab decorating feature from Grazia magazine. Called Create a joyful table, it explains how to make any meal special by laying a beautiful table – or just pimping up a tray. Here’s a snapshot of our favourite snippets:

• Lighten the mood: Candlelight is the best mood enhancer – they bring joy and a glimmer of hope. They also mark the transition from day to evening – when days bleed into one it’s nice to differentiate meals times, plus candlelight is flattering!
• Eating place: Placement and chargers are a great way to change a place setting without using lots of linen or having to switch up your china.
• Cover up: A great linen tablecloth really elevates things.
• Say it with flowers: With florists shut and flowers in short supply, think about foraging in hedgerows as well as using what’s in your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have a garden.) You don’t need a bunch to make a table beautiful. A single stem in a bud vase (or even a daisy in an egg cup) can work.
• From ordinary to extraordinary: During this time we need to elevate our spirits – use your best china and your favourite glasses. Take nothing for granted and use and enjoy everything you have.
• A moveable feast. Try eating in different places to keep you stimulated. Lunch in the garden (or sitting next to an open window), dinner on the sitting-room floor picnic style – why not?
• Variations on a theme: Keep things fresh by introducing theme nights, for example Taco Tuesday. Have some fun with food!

Chevron Placemats

Deep Dish

Naples Table

Crackle Glaze Cereal Bowl

Oak Console Table