Dual-Purpose Rooms


After reading’s blog Rooms That Kill Two Birds With One Stone (And Why They Work) we felt inspired! As experts in small space living, we actively seek out ingenious ideas for maximising and making the most of compact rooms, and this post ticked all the boxes.

It says: “Small homes don’t always offer enough square footage for separate spaces with their own dedicated function, so you have to get creative. Consider these ideas when setting up one room with two purposes, in a way that makes sense and looks stylish.”

Here’s a snapshot of Futon Company’s favourite ideas… The Blog says:
• Divide and conquer: A pony wall keeps spaces more open, but provides enough of a barrier to officially separate the different functions of the room
• Good flow: Open floor plans that combine living room and dining space are common (even in bigger homes). Use furniture to define the separate spaces while keeping a good flow
• Neutral decor: When the baby takes over the former guest room, choose decor that will work for both spaces. Tuck a twin bed into the corner, repaint the walls a fresh white and sweeten up the decor… just a bit

Futon Company says: Another idea for giving a single space a dual purpose is to invest in furniture that has more than one use, or which can easily be moved from room to room or corner to corner to bring to life the different functions of the space. Think futons and sofabeds, which double up as a sofa, lightweight leaning furniture which is easily transportable, screens that can divide rooms and storage which doubles up as a mirror.

Sofa Bed Drawer












Towel Hammam











MDF Ladder Shelf











Oak Twingle Sofabed