Draw yourself happy

Big fans of self-care, we’re always seeking fresh ideas to nourish the mind, body and spirit. So when we came across the Self section in a back issue of Red Magazine called The Art of Happiness we were intrigued.

Colouring pencils could be the new secret to self-care. That’s according to Tim A Shaw, artist and author of Draw & Be Happy who says we should be harnessing art and creativity to improve our mental wellbeing.

Ability is no barrier apparently, and he says that whatever your ability drawing on a daily basis will encourage, comfort and stimulate you as well as help you plan and reflect.

Like therapy, it will build self-awareness and encourage you to express hidden parts of yourself. Ultimately, drawing has the potential to be fluid, free and liberating.

Futon Company says: Having a creative space where you can do your thing is crucial. In fact, getting into the zone is part and parcel of embracing your creativity. Whether you live in a palace or a pocket pad, there’s always space to embrace your inner artist – from cosy cushion to an industry-inducing desks check out our essential tools to help draw yourself happy.

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