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Leafing through the October issue of Elle Decoration we were totally inspired by the Decorating Hotlist section, especially Top Tips From Design Bloggers featuring’s Lucy Meek (@decorenvy). Her awesome blog is described as a scrapbook of ideas which evolved while she was decorating her rented London apartment. Here we pull out her top tips for decorating your home…

• Make your own rules: It’s your home so express yourself and have fun. No decorating rule is set in stone
• Avoid sticking to one look: The most effortlessly beautiful homes borrow from all kinds of trends to create something unique
• Let your space evolve: Making small changes over time, rather than renovating all at once, will allow your home to grow with you
• Rearrange your furniture: Occasionally altering the layout of your rooms or swapping objects between spaces is a great way to keep your home feeling fresh, without spending money. This way, you might see your things in a new light and enjoy them more
• Consider your lighting: The colour and brightness of your lights can impact the whole look of a room. Dimmers and low-wattage bulbs are essential to create flexibility
• Choose your best belongings to show off on open shelving. Retire your more mundane possessions to cupboards and drawers
• Decorate with plants: Greenery is good for the soul (and your wellbeing). If you’re lacking enough natural light to sustain real plants, there are some great artificial options
• Choose form over function: There’s no point in having a beautiful interior if it gets in the way of you enjoying your home. Consider whether strikingly beautiful yet uncomfortable sofas or pristine white carpets are worth the impracticality

Futon Company says: It’s refreshing to learn decorating tips from a renter’s perspective. As shows, there are plenty of easy and cost effective ways to put your stamp on a home whether you rent or own it. At Futon Company, we always strive to create furniture which is portable, flexible and can be easily moved around, so it’s ideal for small space living in particular. Check out what’s new in our range…

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