Decluttering tips from the experts


Earlier this week we posted about, the New York based storage experts who “will find the right space that fits your needs.”  We were inspired by, and shared their decluttering, decision-making flowchart which facilitates decisions about decluttering your space as well as making the most of your space.

Today we focus on another of their blogs how to start decluttering your home:  15 actionable tips from certified professional organizers which features no-fail declutter tips from the experts.  Here’s a highlight of our favourites.  They say..

  • Before you declutter, visualise what you want your space to look like – what will you use it for? Where is your stuff?  How does the space make you feel?
  • Don’t bring any new items into your home until the decluttering process is complete, says Regina Lark Why?  Because you have enough to deal with as it is
  • Gather all the materials you’ll need including rubbish and donation bags, as well as baskets for transporting things into other rooms
  • Schedule your decluttering session on the calendar
  • Start with the space that bothers you most
  • Give everything a home

Futon Company says:  Yet another inspiring and hands-on blog from on how to make the most of your space.  What strikes us most about their approach to space saving is how simple and easy to action it is.  Happy decluttering!