Creating a small space office anytime, anywhere

As experts in space saving living we’re eager beavers when it comes to sniffing out helpful hacks and handy hints to maximise space. So when we came across this fabulous blog in Remodelista our first thought was to share it with our space savvy customers.

Called , it perfectly sums up the mood of the nation right now (or at least the mood of the millions of newly-working-from-home-learning-on-the-hoof-employees). Written by Annie Quigley, here are our favourite snippets. She says:

I’ve been working at home for just shy of a year – and it took more getting used to than I would’ve thought. Key learnings were:
• Getting ready in the morning as if I was going somewhere. Getting dressed and then changing back into my pyjamas at night became key to dividing the day between work hours and off hours
• So did getting a change of scenery
• Taking a real lunch break
• Creating a physical way of dividing my home office from my regular home

That last part is easy to do if you have a separate office, maybe. But in a very tight two-room apartment, this took a long time for me to figure out…When one space serves as both your home and your work, your relaxation space and your meeting space, your unwinding-on-the-couch and get-stuff-done space – and especially now, with many of us staying inside all the time – it’s both hard and essential to create a physical divide between work and home. As I’ve learned, if you can’t close the door on your office – if you’re working at the kitchen counter, say, or even on the couch – you can at least pack it out of sight when 5pm hits. Here are a few tricks for creating a mobile at-home office (and putting it away).

• Office on a tray. A tray-for-every need so you can keep all your desk essentials in one place then move your whole workspace off the table at the end of the day and cover with a blanket, cloth or tea-towel. Something big enough for your laptop, pens, and a few essentials. Move your office-on-a-tray to your workspace during the day (it works as a laptop desk on the couch too) then set it in a separate part of your space, out of sight, when the workday’s done [Futon Company says: under your bed if space is really tight?].
• Office in a drawer. If the kitchen is your workspace, clear out a draw and create a space inside for your office essentials: a laptop, pens, paperclips, a tray for papers, and whatever else you need. Pull out your supplies during the day (maybe even work at the counter; it’s a perfect standing desk) – then literally close the draw on it when you’re done.
• Office in a bag. Slip your laptop and papers into a bag; chargers can go into a smaller bag inside. Tote it all to your at-home workspace in the morning, then pack it away when it’s time to relax.

Futon Company says: WOW! When we read Annie’s blog for the first time it blew our minds. Not because it was rocket science but because the ideas were so simple yet so ingenious. How come we didn’t think of this before!!!. We’ve got so many product options to get you started we struggled to narrow them down.

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