Creating a dual function space

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Here at Futon Company we’re always on the hunt for clever space saving ideas. So when we read February 2015’s Dual Purpose Rooms article we were excited.

The piece explains how to “rethink your existing space and transform it with… clever ideas for creating a multi-functional scheme that is both practical and stylish.”

To help make the most of space saving living, we select some of our favourite tips…

•“Choose convertible furniture wherever possible, such as a sofa bed…to double up on function”
•“Pick side tables for your living room that have drawers so they can also be used as bedside tables and provide storage for your guests belongings”
•Style at Home Says: “We use a bookcase to divide our dining and office areas”
•Be sure to have a mirror somewhere in the room so guests can check their appearance

The final word goes to who say: “Your home needs to work well for the way you actually use it, not some fictional dream…does your home help or hinder your real life? Now is the moment to think about this.”

To get you started, we offer some handy ideas for space saving living which will help to maximise a dual function space…

Narrow Oak Ladder Shelf









Bamboo And Canvas Drawer Rack









Apex Desk









Laptop Desk New Colour









Cosy 3-Seater