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Create an insta home-from-home feel in any space

Futon Company says: If you’re a renter and regularly on the move it can sometimes be hard to make your latest space feel like home. Every room you move to has a different paint colour, floor covering and curtains, while the proportions are totally different. It’s simply not possible to change every room to your particular tastes – and even if money wasn’t an issue, who’s got the energy to constantly re-create something time and time again?

So, if, like us, you’re always on the move, there are simple and easy ways to create an insta home-from-home feel in any space. By that we mean gathering a core set of furniture and accessories that can fit into a car and move with you space to space so there’s a continuity – saving you time and money.

Cue Ideal Home magazine’s brilliant blog ’10 ways to decorate a rented-property’
Here’s the low down on their top tips!
• Choose furniture that you can adapt to whichever space you put it, for example a modular sofa
• Cover the floor – a statement rug can change the look of a room as well as guarding your floor against stains and wear
• Stack up some storage – modular storage is great for rented properties, not only will it fit any size or shape room, it’s also easy to remove at the end of a tenancy
• Make it your own with a collection – a beautifully curated collection of books, vintage crockery or even toys can make as stunning a visual impact as something more decoratively permanent
• Grow an indoor herb garden – if you’re lucky, your rental will have some private outdoor space. But if not, consider growing an indoor garden. You don’t need lots of space – a corner of kitchen worktop or a sunny windowsill in a living room will do. Use pots to add the extra colour you’d usually achieve with flowers
• Lean don’t hang – rather than pepper your walls with nails that you’ll eventually need to remove and fill in, lean larger pictures and mirrors against the wall for a boho, informal feel. This will also make them easy to switch or reposition if you fancy a change
• Go bold with artwork – be brave and fill your walls with funky artwork. Forget the classic student posters and opt for more grown-up fare, such as lettering prints and screen prints from sites such as Etsy or Or frame wallpaper samples in coordinated frames
• Make wallpaper panels – if you’re not able to wallpaper your home, you can also get around the problem (and save your deposit) by adding wallpaper to plywood panels and leaning them against walls. Not only is it a cheap way of adding colour and pattern to a room, but you can also change your colour scheme as often as you want, or use it to create zones within a bedroom for rest and study.

Large Hapur Cotton Ribbed Rug

Chester Pocket Sofa

Cabin Folding Dining Table

Bamboo & MDF Leaning Ladder Chest of Drawers

Yellow Spiky Aloe Faux Plant

Ladder Shelf Rubberwood & Pine