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Here at Futon Company we’ve always been big fans of the Metro newspaper, so we were excited to see the new look Home Section which re-launched last month. Brimming with design tips, style guidance and savvy ideas, it’s the perfect place for design lovers seeking top tips.

We especially enjoyed reading Alison Tyler’s Picture Perfect article focusing on “how a gallery of wall frames looks really effective.” Drawing together artwork, photography, concert tickets and nostalgic memorabilia on one wall, she says, is the first step to creating an At Home Gallery. We take a look at some of her top tips…

• Should you select matching picture frames or individual ones? This all comes down to personal taste. A mismatch of styles, says Alison, can help to create an eclectic look
• Think carefully about which wall you’ll use. Above the sofa or fireplace can work well, as can your stairwell
• To get you started on creating your Home Gallery Picture Wall start by placing the middle frame then gradually work your way outwards
• Consider theming the images, says Alison. She suggests, grouping black and white pictures, or holiday snaps
• Consider choosing lots of shapes of frames but with one uniform colour
• If you’re nervous about making a mistake during the picture hanging process a good tip is to lay the frames on the floor in the arrangement you are planning, says Alison. Space them around 10am apart and move them around until you’re happy with the final configuration. Then create paper templates from the frames, marking an x where you plan to put the nail. For a level of professionalism use a spirit level to ensure everything is straight

Futon Company says: We love the idea of creating a Home Gallery or, at the very least, a picture wall. A tip we often suggest is rather than using pictures consider creating a mirror wall composed of different shapes, sizes and styles of mirrors. Not only does this create an intriguing design feature, it also doubles up as a space enhancing illusion for making small spaces look larger.

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