Create A Home From Home In Your Work Space


With thoughts turning to the fast-approaching Bank Holiday Weekend, the last thing on our minds – for many of us – is work (unless, of course, you’re a retail or hospitality worker, or one of the emergency service heroes, doctors and nurses).

For author and journalist Harry Mount, however, work is never far from his mind, and his work-by-numbers overview offers an illuminating insight into the work life of the average Brit.  He says…


  • The average UK resident works solidly for 11 and a half years, with office workers spending five years sitting at their desk and two years in meetings!
  • Meanwhile, we spend four years of our working life on the phone…
  • …Spend one year and £50,000 on commuting…
  • The average British worker will take just over a year off sick in their lifetime (or 366 days)
  • The average UK employee will have six different jobs, 12 pay rise and at least one office romance


Futon Company says:  If you work from home, these facts and figures more than justify your need to invest in some new home office kit.  Just think of it as investing some of the money you save on commuting into a new desk!  Check out our inspirational ideas for small space living and create a home from home workspace…

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