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Colour and space: the hues to cosy up with this autumn

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This time of year is all about hibernating and cosying up for the months ahead – transforming our homes by introducing colour and textures to welcome the seasonal change. And right now, there’s no denying that colour is having a moment according to Roddy Clarke at : “For 2023 it’s all about colours that make you feel good. Forget being on-trend really, the trend is to just go with what you love, create rooms filled with colours that reflect your personal style, and give you an uplift every time you enter them.”

After years of greys and beiges, we’re learning to embrace colours that help spark joy and boost our moods. Now, as we transition into the cooler months, comes with it warm, rich and strong tones – and this is something we’ve seen from paint brands of all sizes.

has recently added 11 new vibrant shades to its collection, inspired by moments of joy, comfort and refreshment. There are greens, pinks, blues and a wonderfully riotous red – each appointed one of the brand’s trademark quirky names.

And that’s not it – and have also followed suit with their colours of the year for 2023. While the former’s shade is named “Wild Wonder”, a positive, glowing tone inspired by nature, the latter’s “Alizarin” boasts a deep and moody, yet refreshingly warm, auburn red shade.

So, while we get ready to nest with soft textiles and set our lighting to an ambient glow, here are a few hacks for incorporating colour into the home – be it big or small – for the cosy season:

Sink-in seating
Winter is coming, so staying in is the new going out. Opt for cosy seating that you’ll happily sink into while catching up on this year’s Bake Off. A sofa is a worthy investment, so think carefully and make sure you’re happy with the shade you choose – this can be the colourful hero piece to your room, which you can build the rest of your scheme around.

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Layer up
Layering isn’t just a fashion term; layering and accessorising with extra throws and cushions is a must for casual lounging – particularly if you want to save on heating this winter. Drape plush textiles in this season’s must-have hues over your sofa and bed. Velvets, cottons and bouclés will keep you warm and snug – even on the chilliest of nights. These pieces can be moved around the home too, so they don’t have to break the bank or take up more room than needed when you are stowing over the summer.

All about ambience
With the nights drawing in, introduce an ambient glow to your home using a combination of table and floor lamps, as opposed to one stark ceiling light. Choose something with a pop of colour to add an extra element and interest during daylight hours.

Don’t get cold feet
There’s nothing cosier than adding a rug to your space – not only are they soft underfoot, but they also provide heat insulation too! However large or small your room is, a rug can make a real statement and focal point to the room. And, if you’re keen to mix things up over time, it’s a piece that can be easily taken from room to room.

Feel-good accessories
Lastly, if you’re short on space or budget, but are keen to embrace colour without the commitment of painting a whole room, look for small accent pieces that are not only stylish but also practical! We’re talking an elegant side table to hold your evening hot chocolate, or a laptop table in a deep opulent red. Alternatively, planters, trinket trays and a chic ceramics set also help add subtle vibrancy in an instant.

Ready to get your colour clash on? Check out our website, or one of our stores, for more ideas to add colour to the home this autumn