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It’s no secret that city living and small spaces go hand in hand, right? So when we came across a Blog by Jess Commons for called 6 tricks to make your small living room feel bigger we were keen to read on.

She says:  “Living in a big city is great. There’s always something new going on, always someone fun to hang around with…One thing you do compromise on, though, is space. Most people’s flats are about the size of an A4 piece of paper…It’s hard to get yourself a Pinterest-worthy living room with obstacles like this standing in your way but persevere you must, because there’s nothing better than relaxing in a living room you’re aesthetically pleased with…We’ve pulled together a few tips on how to get yourself a practical, but pretty, tiny living room.”

She says:

* Look for half-size furniture

* Fill the room with lights: If you’re lucky enough to have lots of natural light in the room then make sure you don’t cover up half of it with heavy curtains. Choose translucent fabrics which allow light through the parts that normally block the edges of the window when they’re pulled back. Get creative with the lights inside, too. Floor and table lamps can brighten up the place – just make sure they don’t take up huge amounts of floor or airspace.

* Look out for dual function items: As space is in such small supply in your living room, it’s important for you to double up on dual function objects where you can. Why have a lamp and a table when you can have a lamp that is a table?

* Look for storage everywhere:  Remember that opportunities for storage do not just come vertically; there’s plenty of unused dead space horizontally too…Another underused area of potential storage are the walls – if you have high ceilings, even more so. Just because you can’t fit any other standing storage on the floor, nothing is stopping you hanging floating shelves as far up the walls as you want.

* Get a massive mirror: Getting a huge mirror for one wall isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking the room’s actually twice the size that it is but it will help with the illusion. Put it opposite the window to capture more light streaming in.

* Opt for lighter pieces: The more space you can see around an object the more floor space you can see underneath it, the better, when it comes to creating the illusion of space. So steer clear of heavy, maxiamalist bits of furniture and instead go for bits supported by thin legs.

Futon Company says: We endorse all of these tips – what excellent ideas! When it comes to making the most of small spaces we have a wide range of dual function and space saving furniture and accessories to make compact city living that little bit more pleasurable!


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