Choosing colour for small space living

Here at Futon Company are minds are firmly fixed on colour at the moment. As experts in space saving living we’re always on the look out for top tips and inspiring ideas to make the most of the space available in our homes.

So we were pleased to come across an article by Elle Decoration’s Amy Bradford, how to choose colour for a smaller space. Here’s what she says:

* Create contrast: Pale walls teamed with darker floors and ceilings can make the walls seem as though they’re receding, making the space feel more expansive.
* Choose muted tones: These are always more restful for the eye than bright ones – keep the latter for accents.
* Embrace the darkness: A small space in a pale colour is often drab, but when painted midnight blue or forest green it suddenly feels intimate.
* Stick to one shade: In an awkwardly shaped room, try painting the walls, mouldings and ceilings all the same colour. This airbrushes away flaws and creates the impression of a seamless space.

Futon Company says: These expert tips on choosing colour for a smaller space are music to our ears. We especially like the idea of introducing accents of colour. Check out our colourful accessories – ideally designed to make your small space pop!


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