Channel your back to work/school vibe

Futon Company says: Yes, we know this is a Bank Holiday weekend and you’ll be busy dusting off your BBQ/planning a get-together with your nearest and dearest/furiously researching picnic foods/other, and we hate to burst your bubble with this next sentence – but. There’s a distinct whiff of back to work/school in the air right now. Can you feel it? It might be because there’s a big possibility/likelihood that we might actually be able to work for the office a few days a week, which means we might regularly get to see our colleagues IRL (in real life). And it might be because this is the closest thing to normality we’ve had in a really long time. Or it might be because hybrid working is A THING and we’re excited at the possibility of investing in our work space now that WFH more regularly is an officially recognised thing. And it’s not just us that spends lots of time daydreaming about our perfect WFH workspace – be assured, there are others like us, The magazines and blogs say so!! Cue Grazia Magazine. Yes we know this piece was written during one of the lockdowns (we’ve lost track of which one) but the sentiment still resonates today.

The article, called The rise of the celebrity deskie says: Celebrities – they’re just like the rest of us: stuck at home and looking for any excuse not to work. That’s why red carpet pics and glam squad photos have been swapped for the deskie – an oh-so-now snap of a famous person’s working from home arrangements. For sheer stylishness, Alexa Cheung is leading the pack: her desk is artfully arranged with flowers, pretty stationary and a few chic books – but looks like it hasn’t seen a day’s work in its life. Prince William’s goes the other way, with an ancient printer in the forefront and our future king looking stressed in a suit (what, no lockdown loungewear?). But it’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak’s deskie that has been the ultimate game changer, launching a thousand Twitter crushes. It’s all about that magical combination of seriousness (he looks busy and important) and athleticism (he’s wearing a hoodie). Bet he’s tried to read all of those books (in the background) too.

Futon Company says: In previous blogs we’ve spoken extensively about tailoring and adapting your WFH area to whatever space you have available, ranging from the portable office (e.g. a tray on your bed which you can shove under to the bed at the end of the day); to a desk which folds down; to a multi-functional desk/ dressing table; to a fully fledge room dedicated to WFH. Whichever WFH tribe you’re in we’ve got you covered….

Quill Wall Desk

Ledge Desk

Oak Leaning Ladder Desk

Zed Standing Desk

Tych Corner Desk