Cats v Dogs


Futon Company followers will be familiar with Jake, our much-loved furry mascot. A constant companion at photoshoots, store visits and factory inspections, our gorgeous Westie even turns his hand to modelling from time to time! So it will come as no surprise to learn that here at Futon Company we’re big dog-lovers. In fact we love all animals, as our cushion covers often reveal (elephants, chickens, roosters – you name it, we’ve had a cushion cover of it!). So we’re really excited about ‘Cats v Dogs: Which is Best?’ a new BBC2 show launching on Thursday 4th February at 8pm and running for 2 episodes. Here’s what the pundits say…

“Based at one of Britain’s largest cat and dog veterinary centres, Chris and Liz go head to head to test different aspects of each animal. A specially commissioned nationwide pet census also reveals exactly how the public feel about our canine chums and feline friends. Round one begins with intelligence as Chris and Liz find out whether either species can understand numbers. In Vienna, Chris is astonished to discover that dogs can discriminate between higher and lower numbers of dots and in a UK first, Liz tries out the test on cats with surprising results. On their search for answers, Chris comes face to face with a pack of wolves, whilst Liz confronts an Arabian wild cat to discover how the relationships between cats and dogs and humans have evolved. Together, they put our favourite pets under the microscope to see what really makes them tick and crucially how they compare with each other.”

What’s your view on the cat v dogs debate? A fan of the feline or a devoted dog fan? For fans of both we have just the thing…

Cats Cushion










Dogs Cushion