Creating power looks for your space

Creating power looks for your space

Always on the hunt for fresh ideas, trends and inspiration we were interested to learn about the new A-list must have. According to Grazia magazine, 12th March, behind every great celebrity look is a stylist – or an image architect. This person is a sartorial agenda-setter. The image architect they’re referring to in this instance is called Mr Law Roach whose focus is on power dressing the A-list, but the term really.

Berry good tips for selecting a sofa

Berry good tips for selecting a sofa

  Bored one cold Saturday afternoon we were dusting down our bookshelf and came across a house-focused classic, Mary’s Household Tips & Tricks by Mary Berry. Brimming with tried and trusted advice from the nation’s favourite home guru, we took the opportunity to flick through what is essentially a ‘one stop shop’ for her collection of helpful hints and tips for the home, acquired over a lifetime. Focusing on everything.

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