Bring out the bamboo

When it comes to explaining the benefits of bamboo as a material for making furniture journalist and design master Barbara Chandler explains it best in column post “At last, sustainable can be sophisticated as a new breed of stylish ecofriendly furniture hits the high street. Designers have caught on to the fact that renewable materials such as fast-growing bamboo are fantastically versatile. They are combining centuries-old craft techniques with modern flourishes, to give them a new image.”
Futon Company first introduced bamboo products into the range in 2006 and in the past eight years it has become a staple of the collection across bathroom, bedroom, shelving, tables and even stationery.

The benefits of bamboo are plentiful:
– It is a strong material with the density of hardwood which allows for the creation of slimline furniture making it perfect for moveable / folding furniture pieces.
– It is relatively inexpensive which means products are usually very good value for money
– It is a very ‘green material’ as It is a fast growing plant which can be cultivated and harvested in an environmentally friendly way – a big incentive for our customers.
– It is versatile – As the depth of our range shows, it is perfect for making a variety of products.

Futon Company is delighted to re-introduce its Bamboo Coat Stand. Available in store now at £44.95