Bring Hotel Chic Into Your Space


The sun has been shining for what seems like months now; the football has added a distinctly holiday-feel to day-to-day life (until last Tuesday, at least!); and there’s still two months of summer stretching out ahead of us. Bliss!

While you might not have the time, money or the inclination to jet off somewhere exotic, you can still embrace five-star hotel luxe in your home. Taking inspiration from Claudia Baillie’s (@claudiabaillie) article Hotel Style in the July 2018 issue of Elle Decoration (, we pull out her top tips and expert advice on how to embrace hotel style in your home.

Space Copenhagen ( told her:

* Focus on the long-term experience rather than the here and now. Trust your instincts and be honest about who you are instead of following a trend that you’ll grow out of.

* Go for things you’ve fallen in love with – not pieces that fit a certain style. This adds personality.

* Well thought-out lighting is key. You can use it to completely change the look and feel of a space. Think in layers and include task lighting as well as lamps, to create warmth.


Bryan O’Sullivan ( told her:

* Function has to come first so plan to make sure everything physically works in a room. It’s the same for furniture – make sure it’s comfortable!


Kit Kemp ( told her:

*  If you make a collection of something it becomes interesting.

*  Colours don’t have to match. If they complement each other it’s more interesting.

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