Bring a splash of green into your space

The recent hot weather, it seems, has had a positive impact not just on our mood but on plant sales too.  According to the hot spell has seen a 20% surge in sales at garden centres across the UK, with a 50% increase in the sale of house plants.

Meanwhile, according to Alice Vincent (@alice_emily), author of How to Grow Stuff: Easy, no-stress gardening for beginners, “we’re busy swapping nights at the pub for the opportunity to get dirt beneath our fingernails at workshops that teach terrarium building, bouquet making and learning the basics of keeping our new green friends alive.”

Feeling inspired?  Check out’s top tips for virgin gardeners:

* Go easy on the watering – less is more.

* A devil’s ivy only needs watering every three weeks.

* Make the most of fragrant shrubs and herbs – they smell divine and flourish while you learn.

* Ferns, hostas and bamboo will create resilient, ever-green coverage even in areas of low light.

* If you kill it, try and work out why. Not enough light? Too much water? Learn from your mistakes.

Futon Company says: If gardening isn’t your thing but you’re yearning for a splash of green in your space don’t despair. Check out our green goodies to liven up even the most nature-starved space!


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