Bright and happy stuff

Leafing through last week’s Grazia magazine we came across an article called Miserable weather? Put on a happy coat, and it put a big grin on our faces! Admittedly the weather has taken on a drastic U-turn since snowmaggadon the other week, with positively balmy temperatures of 8-10 degrees right now (but knowing the UK it’s only a matter of time before we’re in the grip of another ice age!)

We’re also very aware that we’re experts in small space living aka ‘furniture and accessories people’ rather than clothes-focused fashion folk. BUT – here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter! We loved where Grazia was coming from with this article, the basic idea being that in the grip of winter there’s nothing better than an injection of colour as the perfect antidote to “grey skies and moods of deepest, darkest winter.”

So in homage to our favourite weekly lifestyle magazine we’ve curated a selection of some colourful bits and bobs from our range – think of it as some bright and happy stuff to cheer up your day. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face even if it’s cold/ snowing/ raining/ windy/ grey (delete as appropriate!)


Ceramic Breakfast Range


Beach Deck Chair Print Cushion and Cover


Paradise Print Bedside Cabinet